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• Grow Your Business

• Increase Business Value

• Become Exit Ready

Business Value Growth
& Exit Planning

Have you dedicated your life to your business but you’re not sure how you will exit when it’s time? Is your business worth enough for you to be financially strong when you exit? Strategic planning to maximize profitability, increase business value, and create an exit plan strengthens your position so you can exit your business when you’re ready.

IGX Integrated Growth & Exit Planning provides personal, holistic guidance – business, personal, and financial – to help you create a workable, scalable value acceleration and exit plan so you can build business value and expedite your goals with less complexity and more control.

We put you at ease by guiding you through one of the most stressful and rewarding times in your life. You’ve built a business, let us help you exit with less stress, higher financial gain, and the lifestyle of your dreams.

Strategic Planning, Accountability & Coaching
A Roadmap for Business Success

Planning to transition out of your business can be overwhelming, but the good news is you don’t have to do it alone. IGX is here for you! Using a step-by-step, integrated process and proven programs, our business value acceleration and exit planning processes help you create a road map to your dreams that’s logical and clear so that you can get to your destination with less worry and more confidence. We help you:

1 Develop a custom, comprehensive value acceleration plan to build greater value in the business.

2 Enhance business leadership and independent thinking through effective management training.

3 Become exit ready with a workable, scalable strategy that fulfills immediate and long-term business, financial, and personal goals.

4 By guiding you and your management with accountability so you can enjoy a thriving business and a successful succession.

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Business Value Acceleration

If someone offered to buy your business today, is it sellable? IGX’s business value acceleration process will help you build business value so you can exit any time with maximum reward and peace of mind.

Leadership Training

Your business is only as strong as its leaders. Our management and leadership training helps create better office synergy, team alignment, greater efficiency, and stronger decision-making skills with less reliance on you.

Exit & Succession Planning

The earlier you create an exit plan that includes your financial and personal goals, the more options you’ll have when you’re ready to exit. IGX guides you through the exit/succession planning process with ease.

Areas & Businesses We Serve

Based in Rapid City, South Dakota, IGX has no boundaries! We provide value acceleration and exit planning solutions to privately held, service-based business owners in Montana, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota, and the following clients coast to coast:

  • Architects
  • Chiropractors
  • Construction
  • CPAs
  • Dentists
  • Doctors
  • Electricians
  • Engineers
  • Farmers
  • Mechanics
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Plumbers
  • Ranchers
  • Veterinarians

of business owners have spent little
to no time on their exit plans.


of business owners who
sell have seller’s remorse.


of businesses don‘t make it through
to the second generation.

Stacy Kuxhausen

Founder, CPA and CEPA

About IGX Business Growth & Exit Planning Advisors

Stacy Kuxhausen, the founder of IGX, is passionate about helping business owners achieve the rewards of their hard work. She is a certified public accountant (CPA) and certified exit planning advisor (CEPA®) from the most widely accepted and endorsed professional exit planning programs in the world, the Exit Planning Institute™.

With decades of first-hand experience and multiple professional certifications, IGX is helping service-based business owners like you create opportunities to increase business value, develop a solid exit or succession plan that can be applied now or in the future, and meet your financial and lifestyle goals when it’s time to exit.

Planning & Execution of Business Value Growth & Exit Strategies are Essential to Success

No matter what you do, planning and executing the plan creates results. That’s one reason some businesses sell for millions of dollars and others simply close … it takes understanding where you are today and creating a plan that moves you toward your goals. We are here to help you develop the best possible business growth strategy and exit plan that’s practical and executable, so you can meet your goals now and in the future.

IGX Integrated Growth & Exit Planning is your GPS system to guide you on your exit planning journey. With a collaborative approach, we help you understand what your business is worth now, create a plan to accelerate its value, develop an exit strategy that makes sense while you continue to work, and financially maximize all those years of dedication. Contact us today for a no-obligation conversation to learn more.

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