Value Acceleration

Grow Your Business, Become Exit Ready

Chances are, you are so busy working in your business, you don’t have time to develop a comprehensive strategy that creates an exit-ready business. Whether you’re 40, 50, or 60 years old, maximizing the value of your business provides opportunities now and later and allows you to be ready to exit at any time. IGX Integrated Growth & Exit Planning empowers you to grow your business, increase business value, and become exit ready.

Our value acceleration plan uses proven strategies to help you create a customized, easy-to-follow map to grow your business systematically, reduce risks, create accountability, and generate opportunities so you can exit at any time, on your terms.

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IGX works with business owners who …

  • Grew too fast
  • Are stuck in a rut
  • Think they may want to exit within the next 1–10 years
  • Are trying to scale but having trouble
  • Feel frustrated and are too involved  in daily operations
  • Are not happy with their current  income
  • Feel the business has potential but are not sure how to achieve it
  • Count on their business as their retirement nest egg
  • Are considering outside funding to take their business to the next level

Can you relate to any of these issues? When your focus shifts to creating more business value and becoming exit ready, most of these problems disappear. What causes this shift? You will start to see your business differently. With our advisory approach and proven value acceleration methodology and process, you’ll gain perspective and clarity and unlock your potential.

Being exit ready isn’t about exiting your business now, it’s about understanding what creates value in your business and taking steps to get there.

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IGX Value Acceleration Process

Growing too fast, not growing fast enough, working too hard in the daily business, not being able to scale, being unhappy with income, and wanting to exit but not knowing how are common pain points that bring business owners to us.

Our value acceleration process and advisory throughout the process help you understand what’s causing the pain, develop a plan to overcome the pain(s), build business value, and become exit ready. This process and the resulting map that leads to becoming exit-ready help you see your business’s potential and get excited about it again.

Step 1: Discovery

IGX’s value acceleration process establishes a baseline by identifying where you are now, showing future possibilities, and discovering attainable opportunities. Once you know what is possible from the assessment results, it becomes clear where to focus and what to do next. Clarity is powerful.

Step 2: Strategy & Execution

The next step is developing the customized strategy and action plans to move you closer to what is possible. Execution and accountability follow by working in 90-day sprints. Taking a bite-sized approach makes progress achievable and manageable. This cycle of action plan and execution continues.

Step 3: Decision

Throughout the process, we regularly pause to ask if you are ready to consider exiting or if you want to move forward with more strategy and execution work. The choice is yours. Whether you want to exit your business soon or be exit ready for later, IGX guides you through the process.

A strategic, executed value acceleration plan is what separates the businesses that sell for millions of dollars and those that simply close.

Integrated Growth is Important to Becoming Exit Ready

Living the life of your dreams isn’t just about your business. It’s about integrated growth. Most likely, you are so busy with your business you probably don’t have time to plan or think about other areas of your life. Integrated growth helps you proactively plan for your personal, financial, and business goals and increases the probability of reaching the intended destination in all areas of your life. IGX’s framework helps you create an exit-ready business and an integrated growth plan.

Benefits of a Value Acceleration Plan & Being Exit Ready

People come to us to solve a business problem, but along the way, learn how to increase business value and the importance of becoming exit ready. When you begin to see your business differently and focus on increasing business value, many of the initial problems go away. Most business owners who go through this process love their business again!

Additionally, you will understand why increasing business value opens the door to untapped opportunities, creates the potential for higher profits, and results in greater salability. Be sure to read our blog, Why do I Need an Exit-Ready Business? to learn more.

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How an IGX Advisor Helps You Increase Business Value

As the initial frustrations about your business start to disappear, you’ll become more optimistic about the future. Eventually, when you’re ready to sell your business, you want to walk away knowing you built something of value and feel good about a financially strong future. To enjoy the fruits of your labor, it’s essential to become exit ready by growing the value now. With our help, you can implement best practices, strengthen operations, and using our proven framework created by the Exit Planning Institute™, gain clarity on which initiatives really matter.

An IGX Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) on your team:

  • Provides one-on-one guidance, education, and support to you and your leadership team, while saving you valuable time.
  • Assists with establishing your business, personal, and financial goals.
  • Helps you identify and reduce business risks.
  • Implements team goals and leadership training to foster greater business independence.
  • Aids in developing a growth strategy aligned with value and profits.
  • Helps you build a stronger business and financial foundation.
  • Guides you in creating a contingency plan.
  • Shows you how to integrate personal/family goals and a life outside of work into the plan.

Holistically planning to achieve your business, personal, and financial goals both now and when you are ready to exit your business creates a successful story. We want to be your value acceleration partner, empowering you to grow your business, increase business value, exit on your terms, and live the life of your dreams.

I am passionate about helping you create an integrated growth strategy to accelerate business value and increase the probability of reaching your intended professional, personal, and financial destinations.

Areas & Businesses We Serve

Based in Rapid City, South Dakota, IGX Integrated Growth & Exit Planning has no boundaries! We provide value acceleration and exit planning solutions to the following types of privately held and family-owned service-based business owners in Montana, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota, as well as across the USA.

  • Architects
  • Chiropractors
  • Construction
  • CPAs
  • Dentists
  • Doctors
  • Electricians
  • Engineers
  • Farmers
  • Mechanics
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Plumbers
  • Ranchers
  • Veterinarians

IGX Helps You Build Enterprise Value & Become Exit Ready Now

You didn’t get into business to work tirelessly and then sell it for less than you need to live comfortably. IGX, founded by Stacy Kuxhausen, CPA, CEPA®, is here to help you build enterprise value today so you can become exit-ready now. Throughout the IGX value acceleration and exit planning program, you will have many ah-ha! moments and see the results unfold before you, wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.

There’s a reason some businesses sell for millions of dollars and others simply close their doors. It’s about planning and execution. The stakes are high – don’t wait until it’s too late to learn how to maximize the value of your business. Contact us today for a discovery conversation, with no obligation.

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